This is what my customers say.....

Had our first training session and over the moon with what we have learnt, steve is so down to earth and explains everything so clear. Cannot recommend steve enough!
— Becky Beach
Thank you so much Steve for all your help with our new pup Monty. It’s been great to have lots of advise especially when we first bought him home and when we have been struggling with occupying his ever active mind. The first walk off the lead was just the biggest confidence boost! He is now great off the lead and we have the confidence to continue our training. Thanks again!!
— Samantha Bailey-Gard
He is a fab trainer, I have a Scottie dog called Billy, he used to pull on the lead, wouldn’t come back and would always be nervous with dogs following him! Steve was great only took a few sessions with him and monkey and billy did great. Billy is now 6 yrs today and we have never had any problems.
— Mandy Timbrell
This was a great experience for me. Steve himself is down to earth, friendly, direct, and realistic. He knows his stuff and gave me the confidence I needed, to know these problems could be sorted, and this was reflected in the work we did with my dog. Massive improvements – happier dog, happier owner! A massive thank you
— Steph Wolff
Tommy is a 46kilo Rescue Celtic Mastiff. I have tried three previous trainers without success. The first time he met Steve, Tommy was so nervous he tried to bite him. Steve stopped me from pulling Tommy away saying it was just nerves and to let him settle. More balls than most!! Tommy was very anxious when approached by other dogs and had several fights, which with a dog of his size is scary. I was very anxious when walking him which made Tommy even more aggressive.
With Steve’s help I now know how to manage Tommy’s issues and regularly walking him off the lead.
Steve is not expensive considering the training is one to one and no travelling costs. If he can sort Tommy (and me) he can sort any dog!!
— Dave & Tommy
Well what can I say, me and my puppy steiner 8 month old pointer have had a few issues, but thanks to Steve’s excellent coaching in teaching me what needs to be done more than the dog, we have worked on lots over our sessions recalls, and a good follow which is come on so much. Also heel work with out the need for choker collars or half choke collars. It has been a pleasure learning what needs to be done and even more of a pleasure taking my puppy out with out fear he is going to do something ridiculous or dangerous I can’t thank Steve enough for all the effort and his advice he has put in so thanks Steve and I shall be back for a refresher in a month to make sure all is on track thanks again ! Dan and Steiner
— Dan & Steiner
Steve knows his stuff that is for sure, I had a difficult 2yr old Goldie rescue head strong but oh so willing to be the best at his training. In 6 weeks I had a quite different Goldie and that is all thanks to Steve. Although I had the breed for 38 yrs and all trained from puppies taking on a young rescue with no road work, or social skills as such he is now a joy to be out with. Thanks for your time.
— Gina & Toby
Steve is an amazing dog trainer. It’s great to have 121 support and the opportunity to talk through daily challenges and learn how to deal with specific issues. Also really down to earth and a great approach to training which isn’t purely based on treating. Cannot recommend him enough!
— Sophie Smith
Had two great sessions with Steve and he made a real difference to Ada and her sheep chasing - sound advice, was really good at understanding I had lost my confidence in her recall after a few incidents. She now comes back from anything and from any speed - great stuff - thanks Steve. Would recommend to anyone.
— Amy & Ada
Had three great lessons with Steve. A great improvement on recalls which gives us the confidence to let Tess run free in the fields and open spaces. Also greeting people has greatly improved. We are now working on her lead walking. Many thanks Steve for all your help and friendly advice. Would recommend seeking his help
— June Jones
This guy is worth triple what he charges! I can’t believe the difference in my dog (bella). I called Steve to help me with recall as I had absolutely no control over Bella in the field! She would disappear for about 8 mins and when she did come back I couldn’t get hold of her to put the lead on!! Steve took us out to the field where I was having the problems and we worked from there, he found a solution that worked for Bella and it’s been amazing. I had 2 sessions on recall and in that time Steve also worked on jumping up and ‘no’ command - which has been really useful....I can now stop her from even going off into the bushes if I want to!
I then had 1 further session on lead walking. I am deadly serious when I say that Bella will now walk by my side with or without a lead!!!
The reason I booked Steve is because his reviews were fantastic and I thought if it doesn’t work then I’ve only wasted £45 (cost of first session) but if Steve had said, this will cost £200 and I guarantee I will sort your dog I would of done it! I was at my wits end and now I have a happy dog and I’m really enjoying taking her out again. I have recommended Steve to so many people, he’s been amazing
— Lulu & Bella
Just completed our training sessions with Steve. Money well spent! Steve was very informative and helpful and we have come away with some really great tips to help us with Romeo!
— Megan and Romeo
Finished my second session today . Thank you Steve for everything . Now I can take Harvey out and enjoy our walks knowing Harvey is not going to run off .
— Christine Gregory
Thank you so much for all your help with Patchie, I will recommend you to anyone needing help with their woofbags!
— Rachel from Passion For Pets with her dog Patch
In just four sessions Steve has got us and Harley from a dog with “ issues” to calm on the lead, playing with dogs and the beginnings of a recall.
If you want to understand your dog Steve will bring out the dog trainer in you!
— Adrian & Harley
By far the best money we have spent since we had our dog ! We have worked on recall and heel work and from session one gained enough confidence to let off our dog and start enjoying walks with him, it’s also good to see the positive change side in our dog just because he’s getting more exercise & freedom ! Highly recommended & wish we would have done 1 -1 puppy training with him in the first place.
— Tracey & Toby
Steve is amazing the difference in Hugo is brilliant I would recommend him to any one with us it was more about training us than Hugo what a difference thanks Steve
— Sue & Hugo
Steve really helped us with our two puppies and now going out with them always goes smoothly. Recommended.
— Paul Harvey
After doing some initial basic training with our puppy we had three sessions with Steve that have enabled her to come on in leaps and bounds (literally!). These were hugely beneficial to us and the dog and we’d recommend that anyone, especially those with a puppy have training with Steve so that their family pet starts life on the right foot (or paw). Great Trainer.
— John and Marion
Found Steve really helpful and all his advice made sense, had results instantly. Thank you
— Sarah & Rigby
Just completed our 6th and final session with Steve - brilliant results! Ted is a reformed character - he no longer hurtles away at top speed towards any 4 or 2 legged friend he spots in the field. Walks are now a pleasure without the fear of him disappearing! If you and your dog need help with training or behaviour I can highly recommend Steve and you get to meet the amazing Monkey too!
— Paula Griffin & Ted
Thank you so much for the help, advice, and work you have put in.

Bailey is a different dog now and I’m very happy with the progress we have made with your help
— Steve & Bailey
Thank you for all your help with Poppy, there has been a great change in her. The walking is a lot better and also the recalls have improved. Feeding times are better, I just give her fifteen minutes, then remove it for later.I found all your advice helpful and useful, and would recommend you to other people, we cannot thank you enough for all your help and support.

Thanks again.”
— Celia and Dave
Had a great first session with Steve and Monkey today, amazingly already see an improvement in Samsons lead walking and greeting people behaviour, looking forward to our next sessions, Steve certainly knows his stuff.
— Dave & Sampson
I would highly recommend Steve. Very knowledgable in all aspects. If you want help with your dog give him a call!
— Kim & Millie
I would highly recommend Steve to anyone ! He is fantastic with the dogs & he has a huge love for what he does!
— Jenny