Puppy training at dog training bristol

Basic 1-2-1 Puppy Training Course - 4 sessions for £150  

Puppy Starter Session in your home

  • No minimum age restrictions on this course.
  • Your puppy won't need to have had their vaccinations for this session.

Give your puppy the best start in life. Laying the correct foundations early creates a dog that is well socialised, confident, and easier to train.

This session is perfect for your new arrival and is designed to take place as soon as you bring your new puppy home. Take away the worry of your new puppy, after this session you will know how to deal with all the little problems.

Maybe you're concerned about toilet training, play biting or leaving your pup at home for the first time. No matter what issues you have big or small, help is at hand.

We will cover:

  • Teaching your dog their name
  • Toilet training
  • Stopping unwanted behaviour including jumping up, nipping, getting on the couch and chewing
  • Leaving your dog alone
  • Coping with your puppies funny 5 minutes when they run around going mad
  • Accepting a collar and lead
  • Crate training
  • Diet
  • The benefits of using toys
  • Socialisation with other dogs, livestock and cats
  • Introduction to fears and fear management
  • Handling and grooming

This course will take place in your home and is primarily an advice session but I will be hands on as possible.  We can have a general chat about your dog and any specific problems you are having. 

The course lasts around 1- 1/2 hour or until all your questions are answered.

You will also get a copy of my General Puppy Guide and ongoing support via email and phone.

Puppies First Walk

This session is specify designed for letting your dog off the lead for the first time, many people are nervous at first and this will teach you all you need to know! It's very important to let puppies off lead as soon as possible so we can train them to follow us and to come back when called. Ideally as soon as the puppy is fully vaccinated.

We will cover:

  • How to keep your puppy close and develop a natural follow
  • Come back when called, train a strong and reliable recall with a whistle
  • How to bring your dog away from distractions e.g other dogs, people
  • Socialisation skills

The session lasts around an 40 mins to an hour and you will get a full write up of everything covered.

General Obedience Training

A hand on obedience session, we will cover all the basic skills a dogs needs to thrive. This session takes place in your home and I try and show you the techniques first hand.

We will cover:

  • Sit and wait in position
  • Down and wait in position
  • Go to your bed
  • Door control
  • Car control
  • Leave
  • Mental stimulation

The session lasts around an hour and you will get a full write up of everything covered.

Lead Training

A session dedicated to training your puppy to walk nicely on the lead with out pulling, its the most challenging skill for a young dog to learn but also very important.

The session lasts around an hour and you will get a full write up of everything covered

Advanced 1-2-1 Puppy Training Course - 6 sessions for £200

More time, more hands-on and more in-depth

 The course covers everything involved in the basic course but the information and learning experience is slower and more in-depth. Its very hard to fit in 15 years of dog training into 4 sessions, the advice given covers the very basics and relies on the owner being able to take the information on and implement it. This course lets us slow things down, cover more techniques and is much more hands on for the owners. 

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Sessions can be taken individually at a cost of £45

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