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The best dog walking in Bristol, run by my lovely sister Katherine, she does group walking as well as 1-2-1. 


Fenton and Charles

At Fenton and Charles Ltd we believe natural is best so with that in mind we have had our own range of 100% natural dog food produced with no added rice, wheat,maize or beet pulp so our range of food is 100% grain free and comes in four great flavours, Duck,Chicken,Lamb and Salmon all with sweet potato and veg.

All the treats we sell are all natural treats including Fish Chunks,Venison hearts and pigs ears.

We believe in quality over quantity this is why we have fantastic beds from ToughMutts,Leads and collars from ROK and dog safety lights from Orbiloc.


Check out this website for information on CBD Oil for Dogs. 5 Incredible Ways CBD Oil Can Help Dogs.