Steve at Dog Training Bristol

About Me

My name is Steve and, like you, first and foremost, I am a dog lover. We all have a special dog in our lives and I am no different. My dog Monkey is my best friend and companion. I know how enjoyable a well trained dog can be and I want my clients to experience this too.

My father was a Police Dog Handler so I've always been around dogs, I have learnt first hand from a young age what it takes to make a exceptional dog. Only working with dogs on a daily basis can truly teach you about how they behave and learn. I have run a dog training business for 10 years but have also spent 3 years managing a boarding kennels, a year with a doggie day care company and helped Dogs For the Disabled and the Avon and Somerset Police. 

With over 15 years experience of training and working with dogs in lots of different environments it's fair to say I have come across nearly all breeds and temperaments, and solved a huge variety of issues. I pride myself on being an 'outside of the box' thinker when it comes to behavioural issues and will always do whats best for the dog and owner.

I pride myself on my honesty and will always be upfront about expectations. I won't sell you unnecessary sessions, I do my best to train you in as little sessions as possible.  

My methods are based on a balanced approach, using both positive and negative where appropriate. I do not believe you can have well rounded dog with out using both. The negatives I use are none physical as I do not condone any physical punishment. I use treats but I do so sparingly.

I believe that every dog is an individual and there is no 'one size fits all' training method. 

If you have any behavioural or obedience related query with your dog then please get in touch. I am an honest professional with one aim: to help you and your dog. I will work hard for you, and with you, to make the training a success.

Steve at Dog Training Bristol